A bad day at the office can all that can be described as the Sun lost their first match in ten matches against rock bottom Wodson Park Reserves.

Wodson Ressies only secured their second win of the season on Saturday in a game can only be described as embarrassing for the Sun.

There seemed to a distinct lack of the usual vim and vigour in the Sun side that we have come to expect over the past few weeks, and granted, every team has an off day, but the Sun’s always seem to come again teams at the bottom of the table, like against the now extinct Kinja (2-1), Bengeo Trinity (4-3) and now Wodson Park Reserves (2-1), each side was bottom of the table when they beat the Sun.

And it could well be that these silly defeats that could eventually cost us promotion to the promised land of the Premier Division.

Sun’s first attempt at goal was in opening minute when the ball was laid back to Dan Regan whose shot flew over the bar.

Wodson retaliated from a corner and the Sun defence failed to clear the ball away, finding a Wodson player whose header went wide of the post, but already there seemed some cracks beginning to show in the Sun defence.

This was soon apparent when Wodson broke opened the Sun defence again in the next attack, splitting the back four apart and finding an unmarked Wodson striker, but his finishing failed to hit the mark.

Twelve minutes into the match and a quick break from the Wodson team again split the dodgy Sun defence and this time they were punished by a clever loop which found the back of the net.

George Hobson tried his best to get the Sun into the game and after 20 minutes he found himself in an ideal position to get a goal from a direct free kick but the shot curled over the top.

Andy Brennan was also in the thick of the action too and he battled like a demon in midfield, but he too must have left his shooting boots at home.

Wodson broke away again just after the half hour mark and once again the Sun defence were cut apart, leaving the Wodson forward wrong-footing defender Gary Wallace and coolly slotting the ball past Luke Furlong to double their lead.

Now the Sun were up against it and Wodson’s confidence was growing and soon had another chance but for the reflexes of Sun keeper Luke Furlong diverting the ball onto the crossbar and over.

Wodson used a mixture of long ball and counter tactics throughout the game, and some of the hoofed balls seemed like they would never come back down to earth!

Into the second half and the Sun made more of an attempt to get an early goal to start a comeback and Andy Brennan made some good use of the ball to lay the ball back to Jack Robertson but his shot went whizzing wide of the upright.

George Hobson had another chance with a free kick but his sights were set too high as the ball bounced off of the crossbar.

60 minutes into the match, and Hobson’s deep corner found the towering Jack Robertson whose goal-bound header was right at the Park keeper, but at least it finally registered the first attempt on goal throughout the match for the Sun to hit the target rather than go over!

And then came the moment that all Sun Sports fans had been waiting for, the return of the Dom!!

The Sun legend that is Dom David, the scorer of the spectacular, the giant-killer of Northwood, had finally returned after his injury problems.

Sun had an appeal for a penalty turned down when Andy Brennan was bundled over in the box but the young referee saw nothing wrong with the tackle.

But Wodson were still dangerous on the break and from another counter attack a shot beat Luke Furlong but not the post and Sun fans had hearts in mouths when the return shot was deflected off George Minihan’s head and nearly into the goal.

Josh Connolly was finally brought onto the field and, as always, looked to cause problems for the Wodson defence, passing the ball to Andy Brennan whose shot zipped passed past everyone, including the post.

Wodson weren’t finished yet either, and they had two chances to put the game to bed, one with a shot that beat Furlong but narrowly went the wrong side of the post, and another with a brave header beating Furlong to the ball but his header going wide.

Another desperate penalty claim from the Sun went unanswered when the ball, from a goal line scramble, flew up and hit a Wodson defender’s arm.

But a penalty finally came the Sun’s way, and with the way the match went, it seemed that the only way the Sun would score would be from 12 yards.

George Minihan, a burly centre half for the Sun and someone you certainly wouldn’t argue with if he took your last sweet from the wrapper, was felled like an old oak tree by a Wodson player of barely half of George’s weight.

But the ref finally gave in and gave the pen to the yellows, up stepped Dom David, who, with his trademark two steps, smashed the ball in past the Wodson keeper…if only it could have been two minutes into the second half and not two minutes after the 90 minutes, for the ref blew full time after that and Sun have now dropped to 5th place.

The whole team know that they will certainly have to do better, especially with the matches that are coming up in February, which includes two league matches against First Division table topping Bovingdon Reserves, and an Aubrey Cup match quarter final against Premier Division league leaders Bovingdon FC.